Social Responsibility

Definition :

Social responsibility is a way of working / thinking / behaving that starts from being aware and willing to make a positive social impact. It requires from the initiator (which can be individual, entrepreneur, NGO, etc.) to take several aspects (cultural, environmental, social, economic, human rights, equality and other) into consideration and to be aware that their actions have consequences. Social entrepreneurship is linked to innovation, creation of richness and a business model with a social goal including social-economic and environmental sustainability. It consists of solving a social problem (which includes culture and environment) through business model, what brings an added value to the initiative.

Categories :

Solidarity :

The main goal of the mission and vision of the organisation is to help others. This initiative priorities humanity in the detriment of profit.

Civic Engagement :

Active participation and a focus on solving the local community issues and improve the life within the community.

Volunteering :

Using your free time in the benefit of the society – contributing with skills, time, resources, in-kind contribution without expecting financial benefits in return.

Environment :

The activities and actions of the organsiations and initiatives are focused on raising awareness on the environmental issues, protection and welfare of the environment. And every action taken takes into consideration the welfare of the environment (examples: recycling and using recycled paper, not printing if not necessary, reusing materials, redusing the amount of resources etc.)

Social Innovation:

Developing and deploying effective solutions to challenging social and environmental issues in support of social progress, while getting involved the community.


Private initiatives, for the public good, focusing on quality of life. The first step towards solving a problem within the community. It is an individual approach (not an organsiational approach) and it is seen as a role model.