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YOURS Network kick off meeting

Assilah, Morocco April 2018

The Kick-off meeting took place in Morocco in April 2018, attended by 14 participants, lasting 4 days. At the Kick-off meeting, representatives of YOURS Nertwork had discussion about the level of cooperation, divisions of tasks, outcomes of the project.



Training course "Social Responsibility CrossRoads"

Hammamet , Tunisia May 2018

During the TC, participants received know how on the methodology of mapping and how to recognize the good practices in SR, as well as how to operate with the web platform and to upload the results from the mapping. Sanabel Tounisia hosted 21 young leaders that became skilled to operate with the web platform and to do a research about youth good practices in Social Responsibility in each of the 7 partner countries.



Training course "From Socially responsible to Enterprise plausible"

Hammamet, Tunisia March 2019

This training course focused on two aspects. First one, the participants had a discussion their at-the-moment organization work plan that they use to be socially responsible, and they were taught on how to communicate their target groups better, how to reach bigger audience, and how to extent the coverage of the knowledge about social responsibility. In the second part of the training we had a discussion and elaborated upon the first steps of self-employability skills, recognizing the self-initiative as well as the social aspect in it. Sanabel Tounsia received 3 representatives per organization, this training allowed partners to directly be based on the structure of their organizations, to understand the business mindset of creating social enterprise, while also being further education on recognition and utilization of self-employability skills and self-initiative.