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Social Responsibility Initiatives

North Macedonia

"Don't be trash" - An Initiative to Raise Eco Awareness

Cultural Echoes: Bringing life back to deserted places

Questioning society's norms through feminist culture

Another Story: Regional Literature Festival for "The Other"

Kopche - A place where you can find unique second hand clothes for the best price


Youth and Social Entrepreneurship in Lebanon

FabricAID: An Initiative that Recycles the fashion for those in need

One blood, One family

Inspire to Educate

Empowering NGOs through Bridges of Communication with Profit Corporations


4 reasons why it is difficult for (Social) Entrepreneurs to succeed in Tunisia

MAD path: Towards a Community of Socially Responsible Youth in Tunisia

El Space Social Innovation Hub: Building the Next Generation of Young Innovators

Velorution: "Occupying" the streets of Tunis on their bicycles

EL Fabspace : Boosting Creativity through Technology in Tunis


Cinema and Psychology: Care of the memory of the territory and elderly people through cinema

Adam's Hand: IT and super-inclusion

Love for All

Possible utopia

Women first: a network the Emancipation of Women


NO BOX LAB, quality of education in a different way!

Sustainable Education in Morocco

Craft Draft, culture as lever of sustainable development

Reconnecting to nature through art for social change

Clay is the key


Solidarité Nouvelles face au Chomage: With Solidarity to Employment in France

Led By HER - Empowering French Women through Entrepreneurship

Force Femmes: Encouraging Women Employment in French Cities


Small ideas, great impact - how to turn strangers into friends and a village with refugees into a community - How you can contribute to a sustainable revolution with a nice piece of design and some little helpers.

Vollpension: in this bakery, grandmas are the stars!

Prevention, Resilience, Knowledge: advancing the way our society deals with HIV/Aids.