Wurmkiste.at - How you can contribute to a sustainable revolution with a nice piece of design and some little helpers.

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Wurmkiste.at - How you can contribute to a sustainable revolution with a nice piece of design and some little helpers.

Text by: Natalie Haas

Category: Environment

Photos by: Wurmkiste

You likely face this situation every few days: a plastic bag waiting somewhere close to your door, often a bit smelly, needing to be disposed in the garbage bin - usually not a very joyful activity.
Supposing that the average person lives 80 years, and starts carrying waste outside with the age of 18, it's 2500 hours that we spend our live carrying waste. Thats the average time we spend at a full time job in one year. And it doesn't stop there: every day thousands of trucks on the road to drive from house to house and collect our waste. These small plastic bags with our garbage, which one at a time seem to be so little, cost us a lot of energy, time and money. Wouldn't it be amazing if we could at least reduce half of it and thus save us the way of carrying it outside, disposing it, having it picked up, driven somewhere and being burnt for example?
These are some of the thoughts that David Witzeneder, founder and CEO of wurmkiste.at had a few years ago. Today he, his team and a lot of little helpers allow thousands of households to recycle approximately half of their waste themselves and to get a precious resource out of this waste.
50% of our daily wastes are papers, cardboards and food and are thus bio-degradable. And here's the good news: there are little helpers that love eating bio-degradable waste: Earth Worms! And here's the even more amazing news: these worms shit black gold! More precisely, fertile soil which has already a higher price than petrol.
While usually the useful earth worms live in composts only, David Witzeneder came up with an in-flat solution: the wormbox! The small nicely designed wooden boxes come with wheels and a cushioned top, adding a chair, a nice piece of design, with super useful content to ones apartment.
Let us convince you by answering some FAQs that are usually being asked about the boxes: 1. Do the worms come out of the box at night? No! They stay inside the box, they love it there. It's dark, humid and it has food, so all good! Tip: if you put your coffee grounds inside they'll love it even more! 2. Does the box stink? No! When you open the box you'll rather get the feeling of being in a nice forest. And when it's closed, you don't smell anything. 3. Does one need to buy new worms after some time? No! The worms reproduce themselves and are intelligent enough to make sure that they neither get too many, nor too less. 4. What can one do when the box is full? Easy! Remove the worm castings and use it for your plants. The plants will love you for it! If you don't have plants, give it to friends or a community garden.
"The worms can be one of the most influential biological technologies of our century. As soon as plastic is being displaced by bio-plastics, we can even get rid of that garbage at home with the worms, saving an incredible amount of time and resources." David Witzeneder
For a city like Vienna, with almost 2 million people, 172.000.000 of waste could be reduced every year, this is equivalent with 16.000 trucks. Davids vision is, that one day every person will use a workbox at home, so that people can compose in a decentralised way, save resources and time and enjoy these amazing animals abilities.
So, get your few hundred of earth worms in a box and recycle your organic waste. You will love your new pets!